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Desktop publishing



Why do we need a good desktop publishing for the translations of a project? Having a good desktop publishing is essential to present the combination of text and graphics of a document so that it is accessible and usable. When it comes to manuals, technical drawings, projects that concern the energy, oil and gas, automotive, industrial production, it often happens that the documents in the source language are photographs, photocopies, and that are presented in formats not editable, such as .pdf or .jpeg. For this reason it is necessary to use dedicated software that extracts the text and the drawings contained. The task of the desktop publisher is to extract the content text, so that the translators can translate it, and then recompose the content in the target language accompanied by the images and other components of the original (tables, graphs, captions, etc.) . In the work of the desktop publisher there is the responsibility to preserve the exactness of the text to be translated and the purpose of presenting the translation with the same aspect of the original, in order to guarantee 100% the convenience of use. For this reason Kasakova Traduzioni takes care of guaranteeing this service to the customer, whether they are technical drawings for a large project or for a document of a family nature.