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Technical translations


Why are technical translations more complex and how to have a reliable translation?


We live in an era dominated by technology. On a daily basis, man launches new construction projects, infrastructures, gas pipelines, oil factories, petrochemical complexes, and telecommunications hubs. In all this, given the interaction of designers and staff of different nationalities, it is necessary to translate a large quantity of technical documentation from a source language to a target language. The element of greatest difficulty for those who translate is that it is not enough to know the two languages ​​involved well to make a good technical translation. It is essential that the translator also has a solid technical background on the topic of the project: only those who have a curriculum that includes technical knowledge can provide a 100% reliable translation.

Kasakova Traduzioni has a team of mother tongue translators who have a technical background to translate specific technical documentation for large projects.

Example of translated drawing

Example of drawing in Autocad translated from English into Russian. In this case it is a translation of a pipe scheme in the energy field. The so-called “Oil and gas” is the first export sector of the Russian Federation and of Kazakhstan. Italy with its oil companies has seen its involvement in many large projects, with consequent induction of engineers and technical and administrative staff. The great volume of documentation produced in English requires to be translated into Russian and vice versa. In this case, the correctness of the technical translation is the guarantee of the success of a project in which enormous resources are invested. The translation of schemes from English to Russian and vice versa requires not only to be reliable, but also homogeneous, or to translate certain terms always in the same way, to simplify the subsequent work to the employees.

In the center a diagram with its caption, to the right the notes to the drawing. The reference number of the drawing can be observed:

Here in the example the translation into Russian:


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