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Translate from or into Russian


Why is it so difficult to have a reliable translation in Russian? Anyone who has ever come across the Russian language knows it well: Russian is a difficult language. It is for its phonetics, for its alphabet that differs from ours, for its declinations, for the suffixes, for the verbal modalities that include a perfective and an imperfective one. A language that mixes an ancient tradition of Slavic language with a very complex grammatical organization. Together with the Uro – Finnish language group, Russian is unanimously considered the most difficult language among European languages. For this reason, trying a translation from or into Russian is a difficult task, especially if you want to maintain a high level of quality and reliability. To deal with such a difficult language, one must be born and have grown up. Otherwise, the risk of making a translation that does not accurately reflect the semantic level or is affected by inaccuracies is very high. Over the years, Kasakova Traduzioni has cultivated a team of Russian mother tongue translators and interpreters, who work alongside the linguistic competence with a solid technical preparation, which allows us to offer a translation service to and from Russian of the highest quality even with the most difficult texts, not only from or to Italian, but also to and from English. In case you have the documentation to be translated from or to Russian, we invite you to contact us for a free cost estimate: contact us