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 Kasakova Traduzioni has been providing reliable technical translations for architecture and construction for over 20 years

The field of civil construction and architecture has undergone significant globalization in recent years. While once the design process for residential buildings, villas, or public buildings was carried out solely by local individuals, the reality today is quite different. The project team may consist of foreign architects, the client may be foreign, or a significant portion of materials and/or technologies may come from a third country. As one might imagine, each of these stakeholders starts from their native language, and it’s not guaranteed that everyone is proficient in English in a technical context such as construction. Therefore, translation and the translator become indispensable intermediaries to ensure smooth operations, providing construction translation services. In the context of an architectural project, dealing with architectural engineering translation, the translator may have to translate the following types of texts:


  • traduzioni costruzioniProject schematics and construction documents: The translator must translate this documentation faithfully to ensure that all members of the team, from architects to construction personnel, can interact without misunderstandings.
  • Specifications: Detailed written descriptions of materials, finishes, and construction methods.
  • Manuals: In case equipment or other elements in the construction are of foreign manufacture, accurate translation by the translator is necessary to facilitate correct installation.
  • Construction manuals : Our company gurantees a 100% reliable translation of construction manuals. We work with all the input format files, included Autocad translation.
  • Administrative and accounting documentation: Alongside the construction team, there is always administrative staff handling all administrative matters, the documentation of which may need translation.
  • Local safety regulations: In case the company, architect, or client is foreign, there is a need to translate local regulations on architecture and civil construction.



What are the tasks and challenges of a translator tackling the translation of an architectural project?

Even with excellent knowledge of the target language or being bilingual, to translate in the field of architecture, a translator must necessarily be familiar with relevant terminology and cope with the following tasks:

  • Technical terminology: Construction-related texts often contain specialized technical terms related to architecture, engineering, and construction materials that may not have direct equivalents in the target language. In this case, the translator must understand the subject matter and convey the same concept in the target language.
  • Local building codes and standards: Differences in building codes and standards between regions may require the translator to find equivalent terms and concepts in the destination locale. For example, the standards of the architect’s or assigned designer’s home country may differ from those in Italy, so they need to be translated with the utmost accuracy.
  • Cultural and regional variations: construction practices and materials may vary from one region to another, requiring the translator to be aware of and adapt to local conventions.
  • Multidisciplinary language: Construction texts often involve multiple disciplines, such as architecture, engineering, and project management, each with its own set of terms and jargon. Naturally, the more experienced and multidisciplinary the translator is, the higher the translation quality.
  • Ambiguities in the source text: The source text may contain ambiguities or lack clarity, making it difficult for the translator to accurately convey the intended meaning.
  • Legal and contractual language: Regarding administrative aspects, construction documents often include legal and contractual language, which may have specific terms and implications requiring precise translation. In this regard, given the potential costs and investments involved, the translator has a significant responsibility in the architectural project.
  • Units of measurement: Differences in units of measurement between the source and target languages may require conversion and careful attention to maintain accuracy. For example, an American architect may measure in pounds, yards, or feet, while an Italian mason may use kilograms, hectares, and meters. The translator’s task is to facilitate understandable communication within the team. Translators must address all these tasks to ensure that the translated text accurately conveys the original construction content’s technical details, intent, and nuances.

The role of a translation company providing adequate linguistic support for architecture and construction is to translate technical documentation by:


  • Understanding the subject matter, i.e., providing a relevant translation that is effective semantically, i.e., avoiding a sterile word-for-word translation. For this reason, Kasakova Traduzioni has a team of native translators who supplement their curriculum with technical training.
  • Providing consistent translation. Imagine two architects talking on the phone at a construction site: each has a plan, but one word is translated in one way, and in another, the translation is different. This creates confusion and is not conducive to their work. Kasakova Traduzioni ensures the creation of dedicated glossaries that enforce a uniform translation.
  •  Being able to perform translation in software dedicated to technical drawing, always used in architectural projects such as AutoCad, MicroStation, CorelDraw, and others. This is essential to maintain a faithful appearance to the original. Kasakova Traduzioni provides translations in the petrochemical field complete with Desktop Publishing, i.e., editing in the software used by the project.
  • Meeting deadlines and accommodating urgent needs. Our company operates practically 365 days a year and is always flexible in meeting urgent requests.
  • Being present and available to the client at all times. It may seem trivial, but as in the modern world, most supplies take place remotely, direct contact is not established, and in case of need, the supplier’s attention is crucial. Kasakova Traduzioni has dedicated project managers with years of experience in international multilingual automotive industry projects and is able to provide construction industry translation services.
  • Ensuring quality. It may seem obvious, but providing quality translation, especially in a challenging field like petrochemistry, is not an easy task. Since Kasakova Traduzioni’s ultimate goal is to provide 100% reliable technical translations, our company pays close attention to quality control. Our translations are ISO 9001 certified.


We provide a highly reliable translation of construction equipment

If your company produces architectural or building materials, we are happy to translate your catalogues or your site for your international customers. In detail, if you are a manufacturer of tools as listed in the following section, we can translate the related documentation into all languages:

  Electric power controls,      telecommunication systems,    security systems,    alarm system,    automate doors system,     kitchen facilities,     internet

ventilation and air conditioning systems,   fire alarm systems,    heating,    plumbing systems,   closed – circuit television, warehouse,   construction

  tractor scrapers,   technical specifications,    construction security,    building,   doors, construction tools elevator,   building project,   accessibility

  consumption efficiency,     home comfort,    furniture,    facilities for disabled persons,    solar power,    ecology,    outdoor facilities,      parking


This represents an opportunity for your company to expand your export to a worldwide level!

Kasakova Traduzioni SRL stands as an ISO 9001-certified translation company, providing a guarantee of 100% reliable architecture translation services!

We translate your technical documentation into ALL LANGUAGES and in different formats:

traduzioni tecniche formato word traduzioni tecniche formato excel traduzioni tecniche fromato PDF traduzioni tecniche formato autocad traduzioni tecniche formato HTML

traduzioni formato SRT

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