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Technical Translations

Our company is specialized in technical translation in the following fields:


traduzioni oil and gas
Oil and gas – petrochemical
traduzioni industria automobile
traduzione nuove tecnologie
New technologies
traduzione comunicati stampa
Comunicati stampa
traduzioni settore energetico
Energy sector
traduzioni architettura e costruzioni
Architecture and construction
Biologia traduzioni










Traduzioni Ingegneria
traduzioni medicina
Medical translations
traduzioni chimica
traduzioni energie rinnovabili
Renewable energies












Kasakova Traduzioni employs a meticulous internal procedure for executing technical translations, ensuring an unwavering commitment to 100% translation accuracy:

    1. Preliminary lexical evaluation and precise identification of the specific technical domain.
    2. A thorough analysis of the input format and meticulous text export if required.
    3. Our native-speaking experts execute translation, leveraging our advanced translation memory for enhanced precision.
    4. Rigorous quality control review conducted by our specialized team.
    5. Finalized desktop publishing to seamlessly align the translated content with the original for an impeccable presentation.
    6. Timely delivery adhering to the established deadlines and format specifications.

Navigating the Complexity of Technical Translations: Why Technical Translations Demand Expertise for Reliability

traduzione disegni tecniciIn this era dominated by technology, daily ventures into new construction projects, infrastructures, pipelines, oil refineries, petrochemical complexes, and telecommunication hubs underscore the critical need for technical translations. The amalgamation of designers and personnel from diverse nationalities necessitates the translation of extensive documentation from one language to another. The challenge lies not merely in mastering the two languages involved but also in possessing in-depth technical knowledge pertinent to the project’s theme. This requirement is pivotal for comprehending the content of a text, document, or schematic in the source language and expressing it accurately in the target language. This demarcates the distinction between a translator handling conventional translations and one adept at the intricacies of technical translations. Consider, for example, the diverse realms of technical translations, spanning the energy sector, chemical industry, IT, and construction. Each domain demands specialized terminology. The energy sector, from oil and gas extraction to renewable and sustainable energy, mandates a nuanced lexicon. Simultaneously, the chemical sector and IT field require specific technical understanding owing to advancements in technologies.

In recent times, the realm of Information Technology (IT) has witnessed exponential growth, permeating every facet of our lives. It demands increasingly specialized knowledge for those involved in its development, necessitating a specific qualification for translators tasked with rendering technical information into another language. Similarly, the construction sector requires linguistic proficiency for a nuanced comprehension of construction projects. Individuals with an educational background encompassing technical knowledge are pivotal for delivering a translation that is 100% reliable.

traduzione schemiThe translator undertaking a substantial translation project confronts a multitude of technical texts, often accompanied by intricate diagrams, tables, and drawings. Technical translation fundamentally differs from its literary or discursive counterparts. The challenge extends beyond mere translation to encompass a comprehensive understanding of the text’s context. A significant difficulty arises from the necessity for the translator to possess at least a foundational knowledge of the project’s subject matter, be it oil and gas, automotive, chemical, or architectural. Countless terms may lack a direct equivalent in the target language or necessitate a contextual understanding. Experience proves paramount. Over the years, a translator specializing in a particular technical field becomes adept at recognizing “false friends,” potential ambiguities, or linguistic nuances in the source language. Precision and attention to detail are imperative in technical translation. With the advent of automated translation technologies, a translator equipped with a robust translation memory from previous projects can harness perfect and fuzzy matches, reducing costs and time while maintaining a competitive edge. Noteworthy is the significant responsibility shouldered by technical translators engaged in substantial projects.

Consider the potential repercussions of an error in translation leading to a construction mishap in an offshore extraction station, a skyscraper construction initiative, or an internal procedure within a sprawling industrial complex. The consequences could be severe. Following the translation process, the text needs to be seamlessly reintegrated into the document, preserving the original format. This involves meticulous desktop publishing and formatting to ensure a polished final deliverable for the client.

In conclusion, for effective technical translation, a translator must:

    • Be a native speaker of the target language.
    • Hold a degree or specialized education in the source language.
    • Possess a comprehensive technical background.
    • Leverage CAT tools and Translation Memory technologies.
    • Boast prior experience in technical translation.
    • Exhibit proficient computer skills for dedicated software usage.


Kasakova Traduzioni takes pride in its team of native-speaking experts with specialized technical preparation to undertake the translation of intricate technical documentation for large-scale projects. This includes meticulous translation of hundreds of thousands of drawings, diagrams, tables, scientific documentation, and manuals. Explore our projects page for a comprehensive list of successfully completed ventures.

Kasakova Traduzioni SRL stands as an ISO 9001-certified translation company, providing a guarantee of 100% reliable translations!

We translate your technical documentation into ALL LANGUAGES and in different formats:

traduzioni tecniche formato word traduzioni tecniche formato excel traduzioni tecniche fromato PDF traduzioni tecniche formato autocad traduzioni tecniche formato HTML

traduzioni formato SRT

traduzioni formato Trados








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