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Quality ISO 9001



Translation quality according to the ISO 9001 standard

The company quality assurance system, certified according to the ISO 9001 and ANCIS standards, is one of our main advantages:


  • Management and control of terminology during and after the translation phase, electronic dictionaries and terminology database, a system of online notifications and other relevant tools help us to ensure a high quality of translation and provide an immediate response to customer terminological changes.
  • Preventive approach: complete analysis of all the materials supplied by the Client, including context analysis; results of analysis and consultations with the client, development of guidelines for translation and detailed instructions for translators.
  • Quality control according to ISO 9001 standards is completely integrated into the translation process (realized by our lexicographers, editors, proofreaders, Customer experts).Quality control activities are carried out in the following areas:
  • in-process quality control
  • responsibility: translator (internal or external)
  • final quality control
  • internal management of responsibilitiesThe quality control process is performed on 100% of our translation products according to the ISO 9001 standard.Kasakova Traduzioni has created a vast knowledge base comprising specialized dictionaries, a code and standard library (GOST, OST, SNiP, international codes and standards), glossaries compiled for various projects. We have developed and improved the glossaries for all the various projects we were involved in: Tenghiz, Kashagan East, Taneco and Tobolsk and many others. Our terms bases are updated during the translation process and backed up every day.

    State-of-the-art translation technology

    To optimize the translation process, KT uses CAT-based translation systems such as SDL Trados and the like. This approach allows us to improve the consistency of terminology and style throughout the project and to facilitate DTP processes. Furthermore, this automation will allow a faster and more reliable project workflow.

    KT offices are located in the center of Milan and can organize many jobs for managers, translators, publishers and DTP specialists involved in both major and minor translation projects.

    KT has a variety of equipment to meet customer specifications and deadlines:

    – Proprietary computer network consisting of 20 IBM PC workstations and a network server

    – Internet connection via a dedicated line and ISDN

    – Unlimited mailboxes for incoming and outgoing mail – High

    -performance printing equipment, both in black and white and in color: network printers; Hewlett Packard Color Laser Jet 5550n and Hewlett Packard Officejet 6210

    – Scanners for different purposes

    – FTP to be used for large volumes of documentation ftp.kasakovatraduzioni.com


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