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With regard to the topic of translation into Russian, during the thirty years of activity and the projects in which he participated, Kasakova Traduzioni has cultivated and consolidated a large team of Russian mother tongue translators, dedicated to carrying out translations to and from Russian.
All with an excellent professional curriculum and studies, they have been selected and trained by our staff to make the translations into Russian 100% reliable.

In addition to translation services, we offer interpreting services.
We have partnered with our customers in Russia and Central Asia at all stages of negotiations for the awarding of contracts or for the creation of joint ventures.
We have provided Italian – Russian and English – Russian interpreting service during meetings with heads of state, ministers and senior officials from the countries involved (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and others).

Russian language in the world

Russian is a language that is gaining increasing importance in the global panorama.
The reasons are many, the main concern the enormous energy resources of the Russian Federation and the former Soviet republics (now CSI), which fuel investments by Western companies and multinational partnerships. Russia is the world’s second largest producer of oil, with 12% of the world total, the world’s first for natural gas, and Kazakhstan, a Russian-speaking country, is a country in constant growth in the energy market and closely connected to European and Italian partners.
The construction of infrastructures and the involvement of different actors has generated a great deal of documentation and manuals for the communication and interaction of the parties, requiring the need for continuous and reliable language support.
Russian is a very rich language, but at the same time very difficult, with a proper alphabet (the Cyrillic) and complex grammatical rules, which therefore requires the mastery of a native speaker to provide a high quality translation.

A proven team for translations in Russian

Kasakova traduzioni  has a team of highly selected Russian mother tongue interpreters, for Russian / English and Russian / Italian couples, which allows us to offer a very high quality standard. The strength of our team lies in the legacy of the prestigious projects we have participated in over the last quarter of a century, and in the care with which we choose our human resources, which allow us to guarantee 100% customer reliability. Our Russian translations are performed according to the ISO 9001 quality standard.
Our interpreters are all in possession of a higher level linguistic education, achieved through dedicated university courses, and corroborated by further qualifications obtained at European faculties. Parallel to this they have technical knowledge, covering fields such as Oil and Gas, Automotive, steel, telecommunications and information technology, able to face projects that require a high level of preparation.
Only after a long period of activity and after having acquired a solid reputation, they become part of our team.


                           Our office in Russia 


Kasakova Traduzioni  also boasts a branch in the center of the old Russian imperial capital, St. Petersburg, today considered a center of great cultural significance, the scene of international economic and energy forums and the headquarters of Gazprom.




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