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Translations for the chemical industry

For over 30 years, Kasakova Traduzioni has been delivering precise technical translations of diagrams, manuals, and technical documentation within the realm of chemistry

traduzione schema chimicoOur office translates technical texts for the chemical industry into all European languages, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, and Chinese. In addition to being native speakers, our team of translators specializing in the chemical industry combines expertise with the technical know-how necessary for translating chemistry texts with precision and awareness. Given that chemistry revolves around transforming raw materials to yield products with chemical-physical properties distinct from the starting materials, these processes and material properties are articulated using specific language in supporting documentation. For instance, the chemical industry produces processed items used in the manufacturing of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints, synthetic materials, fuels, additives, and food dyes. It is evident that in today’s interconnected world, suppliers of chemically processed materials are often located in different countries, making translation a fundamental element for business-to-business cooperation. In the context of international joint ventures, companies from various countries and languages may participate in the collaborative construction of chemical plants, including refineries, ammonia production stations, polymer facilities, or petrochemical complexes.

How to make a perfect translation in the chemical field

Translating in the chemical field requires a good understanding of both the source and target languages, as well as a solid grasp of the specialized terminology used in chemistry. Here are some lexical characteristics and considerations important for translating in the chemical field:

  • Specialized Terminology: chemistry has a vast array of specialized terms that may not have direct equivalents in other languages. Translators need to be familiar with the specific terminology used in the source and target languages.
  • Nomenclature: understanding the rules and conventions for naming chemical compounds is crucial. This includes IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) nomenclature for systematic naming.
  • Abbreviations and Symbols: chemical formulas, abbreviations, and symbols are commonly used. Translators must be aware of these and ensure accurate representation in the target language.
  • Units of Measurement: Chemistry involves precise measurements, and units are critical. Translators should be familiar with both the source and target language’s systems of measurement and conversion factors
  • Multilingual Databases: Access to multilingual databases, glossaries, and resources specific to chemistry can be invaluable for ensuring accurate translations. Our company can count on a vast database, as result of years of work on translation projects in the chemical field

Remember that precision is crucial in a chemical translation, and a deep understanding of both the language and the subject matter is essential for accurate and effective translations in the chemical field.

A company with a solid experience in technical translations

Over the past 30 years, our company has supported International firms engaged in significant projects for the construction of chemical plants, such as:

  1. 4000 MTPD UREA MELT AND GRANULATION, KINGISEPP RUSSIAN FEDERATION (A comprehensive project in Kingisepp, in the northwestern region of Russia, featuring one of the largest plants for ammonia production) – 7,000 drawings, 90,000 pages
  2. AMUR GAS CHEMICAL COMPLEX (AGCC) – 2,000 drawings, 10,000 pages
  3. LDPE Revamping project – Tomsk – Revamping the LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) plant in Tomsk, Russia – 10,000 drawings, 5,000 pages
  4. Tobolsk Polymer LLC – Construction of a propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant with an annual capacity of 510,000 tons in the Western Siberia region – 350,000 drawings, 500,000 pages

Explore the complete list of projects we have been involved in.

Kasakova Traduzioni takes pride in its team of native-speaking experts with specialized technical preparation to undertake the translation of intricate technical documentation for large-scale projects. This includes meticulous translation of hundreds of thousands of drawings, diagrams, tables, scientific documentation, and manuals. Explore our projects page for a comprehensive list of successfully completed ventures. Explore the complete list of projects we have been involved in.

Kasakova Traduzioni SRL stands as an ISO 9001-certified translation company, providing a guarantee of 100% reliable translations!

We translate your technical documentation into ALL LANGUAGES and in different formats:

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