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Translations from English to Russian or from Russian to English of technical, energy, automotive, legal, chemical, and literary documentation.

For over 30 years, 100% reliable translations from Russian to English.

Kasakova Traduzioni is a highly specialized company in English-Russian and Russian-English translations, boasting a team of expert and meticulously selected native-speaking translators in both Russian and English. For over two decades, we have provided our services for large-scale international projects and joint ventures spanning the energy, steelmaking, chemical, metallurgical, civil construction, automotive, renewable energy, legal, and financial sectors. Our linguistic support has involved translating manuals, technical documentation, drawings, and texts with legal, administrative, or financial content. You can review our project archive here for translations from English to Russian and from Russian to English. In addition to translation, our company offers desktop publishing services for documentation in formats such as AutoCAD, Microstation, PDF, or other formats. We provide our clients with a dedicated project manager who will oversee your project while respecting delivery times. The uniqueness of translating into two foreign languages should be considered, which increases the difficulty and specialization required. Alongside the quality of English-Russian translation, we have always ensured direct client engagement, with our offices located in the center of Milan, combined with impeccable customer service guaranteed by our project managers. Our clients have always enjoyed the advantage of accessing a dual-language service provider without having to go abroad, being able to communicate with a supplier who speaks Italian, simplifying procedures in cases of urgency and deadlines, and benefiting from face-to-face interaction. Please note that our company operates in accordance with ISO 9001 directives and holds the relevant certification.

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English and Russian, two profoundly different languages.

traduzioni russo ingleseEnglish and Russian pose significant challenges when it comes to translation. Even without any knowledge of translation, one immediately notices the difference in length when looking at a page translated from Russian to English . While English is concise, Russian is a rich language composed of long words and unique expressions. Translations into Russian are usually longer than the source language. Moreover, the number of synonyms and nuances to express a concept can vary significantly. For example, while English may use the simple “to go” for movement, Russian presents a much more complex scenario: “ходить / идти” for walking, with choices between perfective and imperfective aspects, along with various prefixes and suffixes indicating approach, arrival, departure, transfer, and more. “Ездить – ехать” for motion using a vehicle, always combined with various suffixes, “плыть – плавать” if the movement occurs in water, and so on. As we can see, the range of expressions to translate from Russian to English  is very wide. Imagine all of this contextualized in the construction of an oil platform, in the manual of a medicine, or in the assembly booklet of a car: in this case, it is evident how nuances and the correct choice of words and expressions are extremely important. Additionally, when delving into the topic of  Russian-English translation, achieving a homogeneous result is crucial: specific expressions written in English should always be translated in the same way, ensuring a consistent outcome that makes the translated text more immediately accessible to the client. To achieve an optimal result in this regard, it is better not to rely on different freelance translators, as each will translate in their own way, resulting in an inconsistent outcome, but to turn to a specialized provider. In addition to this, our company provides access to our Translation Memory, which inherits years of work on technical projects, enabling us to guarantee the highest quality of Russian-English translation based on our extensive experience.

A highly specialized team of translators.

Therefore, a translator tasked with translating high-difficulty texts from Russian to English or vice versa has a great responsibility and must meet certain fundamental requirements:

  • Being a native speaker in the target language, i.e., native of a Russian-speaking (CIS) or English-speaking country
  • Having highly proven proficiency in the source language, supported by diplomas obtained in the respective countries
  • Possessing technical knowledge regarding the subject matter to be translated
  • Having over five years of experience in specialized translations

The English-Russian translators in our team meet all these requirements: many even hold degrees not only in foreign languages but also in technical fields such as engineering or chemistry and have participated in dozens of projects. Additionally, translations from English to Russian or vice versa undergo a final quality control stage to offer the client a 100% reliable service.


Kasakova Traduzioni SRL stands as an ISO 9001-certified translation company, providing a guarantee of 100% reliable translations!

We translate your technical documentation into ALL LANGUAGES and in different formats:

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