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More than a quarter of a century after the dissolution of the USSR, Ukraine, the largest country in Europe to have gained independence from the Soviet Union, it has finally adopted the Ukrainian language as a reference for all internal uses. While for many years the Russian language was also used for personal documents or public nature, today in Ukraine it is Ukrainian the official language. At the moment Ukrainian is spoken by about 40 million people, and the data, in view of recent developments, is growing. Slavic language identifiable as the old Ruthenian (eastern part of the old Austro -Ungarico), the Ukrainian is also spoken in Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania and Lithuania. The Ukrainian language has the characteristic of playing in a sweet and musical way.

Like the Russian its grammar sees several cases: nominative (називний відмінок) genitive (родовий відмінок), dative (давальний відмінок) Accusative (знахідний відмінок) Instrumental (орудний відмінок); locative (місцевий відмінок); vocative (oкличний відмінок). Equally as in Russian, the Ukrainian language has two verbal, perfective and imperfective methods. At the lexical level, the Ukrainian shares many words with other Slavic languages, especially with the Polish, Russian and Belarusian. As written, the Ukrainian has its own alphabet, which can be defined as the Cyrillic family, a variant called “Ukrainian Latin alphabet,” or Latin letters transliterated version of the language.

The Ukrainian presence in Italy over the years has steadily increased up to 250,000 current residents, with 50,000 concentrated in Lombardy alone. All this has brought a request for translations concerning both the documents of those who live in Italy, and material concerning the network of Italian companies that export to Ukraine. Italy, in addition to items of clothing and food products, exports machinery and equipment that need to be accompanied for their use by a specific technical documentation to be translated from Italian into Ukrainian. It follows that having a reliable translation of technical specifications written in Italian that can be consulted by the client in Ukrainian is a guarantee for their business.

Since the 1990s, Kasakova Traduzioni has been providing its translation services in the Ukrainian language for texts of any subject and level of difficulty. Our highly-qualified mother tongue translators have obtained a degree in Ukraine and have subsequently specialized in Italy or in English-speaking countries. In addition to providing English – Ukrainian translation services, we guarantee translations into English – Ukrainian, German – Ukrainian, Russian – Ukrainian, Polish – Ukrainian.

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