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The petrochemical industry , more commonly called “Oil and gas” in English today, represents the most important field of the energy sector . The twentieth century, starting after the Second World War, saw the development of mass motorisation, which was absolutely dependent on the supply of oil and its derivatives. The extraction and refinery industry has required the development of enormous know-how, and the use of significant investments in terms of people and resources to develop the sites. Projects in this sector are often the result of large international joint ventures . At the same time, for the construction of the extraction areas and the development of petrochemical projects, the team of on-site engineers requires a large quantity of technical drawings, diagrams, manuals, glossaries and guidelines that need to be translated for better understanding. Precisely due to the fact that these projects involve personnel of different nationalities and native languages, there is a need to translate all the technical documentation. For example, in international projects in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries of the former USSR , as a rule, all technical drawings are translated from English to Russian , or vice versa from Russian to English . Translating in the “Oil and gas” field one comes across technical terms such as “steam cracking”, “reforming”, “pipeline”, “drainage area”, “entrapment”, “PVTconditions”, “migration loss”. To translate in the petrochemical sector , and obtain a reliable translation that is precise and understandable support for project engineers, it is not enough to know the two languages ​​and translate “literally”.

The task of a translation company that offers adequate linguistic support is to translate technical documentation:

  • Knowing the topic covered, that is, giving a relevant translation , which is effective on a semantic level, i.e. does not fall into a sterile literal translation. This is why Kasakova Traduzioni has a team of native speaker translators who complete their curriculum with technical preparation.
  • Providing a homogeneous translation . Imagine two engineers talking to each other on the phone at an extraction site: each has a diagram of the plant, but in one a word is translated in one way, in another the translation is different. This creates confusion and is not functional to their work. Kasakova Traduzioni takes care to draw up dedicated glossaries that require a unique translation.
  • Being able to translate into software dedicated to technical drawing, such as AutoCad, MicroStation, CorelDraw and others. This is essential to maintain an appearance faithful to the original. Kasakova Traduzioni provides translations in the petrochemical sector complete with Desktop Publishing , i.e. editing in the software used by the project.
  • Respect deadlines and meet emergencies. Our company operates practically 365 days a year and always meets emergencies with flexibility.
  • Always be present and available to the customer . It seems trivial, but as in the modern world, supplies mostly take place remotely, there is no direct contact and in case of need, the supplier’s attention is fundamental. Kasakova Traduzioni has dedicated project managers who have years of experience in international multilingual “Oil and gas” projects.
  • Quality. It seems trivial, but providing a quality translation , especially in a difficult field such as petrochemicals, is not an easy task. Since Kasakova Traduzioni’s ultimate goal is to provide 100% reliable technical translations , our company pays great attention to quality control. Our translations are ISO 9001 certified    




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