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Interpreting services in all European languages

since 30 years we provide qualified interpreters for institutional events and conventions

Interpreting is a linguistic service which, despite technological progress, remains a “human” quality achieved after years of study, improvement and professional experience. An interpreter is normally a person who is a native speaker of one of the two languages used, for example, in a business meeting between two companies, and who at the same time has reached a very high level in a second language. To do this, the interpreter either lives in the country where the second language is spoken, or has spent a long period of study or work there. In fact, the standard academic path that one can complete at the University of one’s hometown in one’s native country is not enough to achieve sufficient mastery to become a professional interpreter. Only by experiencing everyday reality and interacting 24 hours a day with native speakers an interpreter can:interprete madrelingua

  • have lexical knowledge that covers specific areas, which can then be used in technical interpreting sessions (energy, chemical, automation, IT technologies, legal, financial sectors, etc.)
  • automate the construction of the sentence in the given language, without having to use particular effort (this is fundamental in simultaneous interpreting, in which the interpreter must first of all pay attention to what the person speaking the source language is saying)
  • having internalized typical expressions of the source language, abbreviations, idioms, nuances, slang expressions to best convey them to the person receiving the interpretation
  • cope with unforeseen difficulties that occur during interpreting: noisy environment, bad sound quality (in the case of simultaneous or telephone or videoconference interpreting), interlocutor who articulates poorly or with imperfect diction
  • maintain concentration for several hours of interpreting
  • make the person listening to us feel our linguistic closeness, putting them at ease

All these characteristics must have been assimilated by a professional interpreter during his training.

Kasakova Traduzioni has a team of highly trained interpreters in all European languages, with university education obtained abroad and years of experience in consecutive or simultaneous interpreting.

Kasakova Traduzioni takes pride in its team of native-speaking experts with specialized technical preparation to undertake the translation of intricate technical documentation for large-scale projects. This includes meticulous translation of hundreds of thousands of drawings, diagrams, tables, scientific documentation, and manuals. Explore our projects page for a comprehensive list of successfully completed ventures.

Kasakova Traduzioni SRL stands as an ISO 9001-certified translation company, providing a guarantee of 100% reliable translations!

We translate your technical documentation into ALL LANGUAGES and in different formats:

traduzioni tecniche formato word traduzioni tecniche formato excel traduzioni tecniche fromato PDF traduzioni tecniche formato autocad traduzioni tecniche formato HTML

traduzioni formato SRT

traduzioni formato Trados







In 30 years of work, KASAKOVA TRADUZIONI has provided consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services in all European and Russian languages ​​for the events listed below:

  • EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT: III Meeting of the EU-Kazakhstan and EU-Kyrgyz Inter-Parliamentary Collaboration Committee
  • OFFSHORE MEDITERANEAN CONFERENCE 2003 – Conference of companies of the ENI group, Ravenna
  • SERBIA and BULGARIA IN THE BALKAN CONTEXT: Verona Chamber of Commerce
  • Operational meetings of the KASHAGAN EAST multinational project management team
    ITALY-KAZAKISTAN ASSOCIATION: Meeting of the Board of Directors and General Assembly; Presentation of opportunities for Italian entrepreneurs
  • ITALY-KAZAKISTAN ASSOCIATION: Entrepreneurial mission in Western Kazakhstan
  • ASSOLOMBARDA: COUNTRY PRESENTATION KAZAKISTAN – General Assembly of the Italy / Kazakhstan Association
  • ASSOLOMBARDA – Visit the editors of the most important Russian newspapers (ITAR / TASS, NOVOE VREMYA, IZVESTIA, MOSKOVSKIE NOVOSTI, KOMMERSANT, TRUD, ETC.)
  • SNAM Conference “25 years of supplies from Russia and the Netherlands” – SNAM Sports Center, San Donato Milanese
  • 19th World Gas Conference – Organized by SNAM – Milan
  • Conference “40 years Agip in Egypt” – Cairo
  • Mission of the senior management of the ENI group in Western Kazakhstan and in the Russian Federation
  • Visit of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbaev in Italy
  • Visit of the President of the Republic Azerbaijan, Geidar Aliev, in Italy
  • Official visit of the President of the Republic O.L.Scalfaro in Kazakhstan – ENI delegation – Almaty
  • Visit of the President of the Russian company Lukoil, Vagit Alekperov, in Italy and in Egypt
  • Visit of the Minister of Ecology of Kazakhstan in Italy
  • Hearing with the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbaev – Almaty
  • Course of the President of the Oil Development Institute of Huston, Mr. Krishan Malik (Global oil economics and strategic planning, Petroleum project evaluation and investment decision making)
  • Meeting with the representatives of the EBRD in London for the financing of the FIAT-GAZ Joint Venture
  • Ambrosetti Seminar: Trends in economic development in Italy – Villa d’Estè (Desenzano – Como)
  • IT Symposium FINSIEL – Moscow




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