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For thirty years, Kasakova Traduzioni has been dedicated to delivering precise medical translations services in various European languages. We specialize in translating clinical tests, medical certificates, medical records translation, certified medical translations and patient records. Specifically, our expertise includes translations of diverse clinical analyses from foreign languages into English or another language and vice versa. This encompasses blood tests, urine analyses, gastroscopies, ultrasounds, swabs, HIV tests, fertility analyses for both men and women, venereal disease tests, driving license commission exams, food intolerance tests, allergology tests, cardiology exams, spirometry, colonoscopies, X-rays, renal function tests, and more. We also handle the translation of COVID-19 test reports, including those required urgently for travel or relocation.

Medical translation services

In our fast-paced world, individuals often straddle two countries, necessitating translations of medical analyses conducted in a language different from that used in their current location. Those who have recently relocated may need to share their medical history with a new doctor, requiring the translation of previous analyses, diagnoses, and medical exams. Additionally, individuals who experience an accident or health issue during a vacation may need to show the analyses performed by foreign doctors to their healthcare providers back home.

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A medical document translator must possess specific characteristics, including a near-perfect understanding of the target language if not native proficiency. Furthermore, a good knowledge of medical terminology and a basic understanding of medical concepts is essential, including medical terminology translation. Medical analyses often involve concise, highly specific terms, making it crucial for the translator to accurately comprehend how these terms combine and interact during the translation process. In the medical field, even though many terms originate from Latin and remain nearly unchanged across languages, a single word can have different semantic nuances in the target language. For instance, what may be referred to as the “root of the lung” in one language is expressed as the “base of the lung” in Italian. This highlights the substantial responsibility shouldered by a translator, as the accurate understanding of medical exams by the attending physician—and consequently the client’s health—depends on the quality of the translation.

Medical terminology translation

Knowledge of Latin and/or Ancient Greek is an additional asset for a translator undertaking medical and pharmaceutical translations. While medical texts encompass various types, ranging from the simple leaflet of a medicine to a specialized pathology treatise, the most relevant lexical portion still pertains to Greco-Latin terms. Examples include Latinisms like “decubitus” (bedsore), “trigeminus” (trigeminal nerve), and numerous fully Latin expressions: “facies,” “ictus,” “liquor,” “speculum,” “libido,” “placebo,” “angina pectoris,” “per os,” “die,” “videat.”

Alongside Latin, any translator qualified for medical and pharmaceutical translations must possess a good understanding of English. Currently, US English predominates in national medical languages due to its role as the reference language in international scientific literature. Common terms in medical exams and pharmaceutical literature such as “by-pass,” “pacemaker,” “check-up,” “pool,” “follow-up,” and “trial” all originate from English.

Translation services for healthcare

We perfectly understand how health is important in our lives, and consequently, as a medical translation company, we are responsible for providing a 100% reliable translation of healthcare documents.   Our translation company, certified ISO 9001, provides healthcare professional translations for hospitals, health clinics, and pharmaceutical companies. We have a team of senior translators working in all languages with proven experience in the healthcare field. Feel free to send us your documentation for a free quote!


Medical translation services online

Our company provides medical translations from and into English in pair with all the languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Arabic, and all the European languages.

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Kasakova Traduzioni SRL stands as an ISO 9001-certified translation company, providing a guarantee of 100% reliable translations!

We translate your technical documentation into ALL LANGUAGES and in different formats:

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