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Kasakova Traduzioni has been providing 100% reliable technical translations in the energy field for more than 20 years

Envision a world devoid of energy—it’s truly a daunting task. Every facet of our existence hinges on energy. Solar energy, a vital prerequisite for life on our planet, has been channeled by humans in diverse ways throughout our evolution. Without energy, our civilization, encompassing agriculture, industry, the tertiary sector, and every aspect of civil life, would cease to exist. Over the past century, energy-related technologies have progressed from coal, oil, and gas to nuclear energy, and notably, electric power, which is environmentally less harmful. Electric power is gradually claiming larger market shares, driving technological commitment and technical development to explore “clean” and renewable energy sources.

Human ingenuity has identified alternative avenues for electricity generation, such as the construction of hydroelectric power plants, converting the movement of water into electric power. Another contemporary example is wind turbines, strategically located in expansive natural areas far from urban centers, harnessing the natural energy of the wind to produce electricity. Recent technological advancements have made wind energy economically advantageous. In countries like Denmark, wind power contributes 23% to the national energy demand, with Spain at 9% and Germany at 7%. Italy ranks seventh globally in terms of installed capacities. The largest sector is related to solar energy, where the use of panels translating sunlight into electric power has become widespread in climates suitable for it. A clear advantage of solar energy is its cost-free nature and complete lack of pollution. In these terms, the future outlook for solar energy is to be the primary energy source. The renewable sector has seen substantial growth since the end of the last century, providing approximately 19% of the world’s energy needs. In 2019, new investments in the energy sector were estimated at 130 billion euros.

traduzioni fonti rinnovabiliEnergy projects involve the collaboration of technologies and individuals from different countries. In this sector, linguistic support and translation of renewable energy sources in documentation play a key role in the success of project realization. Technical translations become a fundamental support to maintain a smooth workflow. In the field of “energy,” technical terms such as “fission,” “solar thermodynamics,” “photovoltaic,” “gigawatt,” “biomass,” “super depreciation,” “thermal power,” and “energy sustainability” are encountered. To translate documentation in the energy sector and obtain a reliable translation that serves as precise and understandable support for the technical personnel involved in construction and operation, it’s not enough to know the two languages and translate “word for word.” A consolidated experience in the sector and technical preparation alongside linguistic knowledge are necessary.


The role of a translation company offering adequate linguistic support for the energy sector is to translate technical documentation by:

    • Understanding the subject matter, providing a relevant translation that is effective semantically, avoiding a sterile literal translation. Kasakova Traduzioni has a team of native translators who complement their credentials with technical expertise.
    • Providing a consistent translation. Imagine two engineers talking on the phone in an automotive production plant: each has an engine diagram, but one word is translated differently in one diagram compared to another. This creates confusion and is not functional to their work. Kasakova Traduzioni ensures the creation of dedicated glossaries that impose a uniform translation.
    • Being able to translate into technical drawing software such as AutoCad, MicroStation, CorelDraw, and others. This is crucial to maintain a faithful appearance to the original. Kasakova Traduzioni provides translations in the energy sector complete with desktop publishing, i.e., editing in the software used by the project.
    • Meeting deadlines and addressing emergencies. Our company operates practically 365 days a year and always responds to emergencies with flexibility.
    • Being ever-present and available to the client. While it may seem trivial, in the modern world, supplies mostly happen remotely, and there is no direct contact. In case of need, supplier attention is crucial. Kasakova Traduzioni has dedicated project managers with years of experience in international multilingual automotive industry projects.
    • Ensuring quality. Providing quality translation, especially in a challenging field like the energy sector, is not an easy task. Since Kasakova Traduzioni’s ultimate goal is to provide 100% reliable technical translations, our company pays great attention to quality control. Our translations are ISO 9001 certified.

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We translate your technical documentation on the energy sector into ALL LANGUAGES and in different formats:


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For decades, starting from the 1980s, our company has supported large joint venture projects (see list) in the energy sector which saw the participation of large Italian companies.

Our translation office guarantees a quick and reliable service, performed by native speaker translators and guaranteed to ISO 9001 standards.

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