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Language support for big projects



All our translators and interpreters, who have been collaborating with KASAKOVA TRADUZIONI for years, have a technical background that allows them to guarantee efficient performance and translations of the highest quality.

Our translators staff includes for each project:

✓ 5 Project Manager

✓ 10 Project Manager Assistants

Freelance translators (up to 150 people based on workload)

✓ dictionaries

✓ Editor / proofreader (we usually use experts according to the specific discipline)


The translation process is organized as follows:

1.Estimate of the effort and cost of the project

2.Preparation for translation: analysis of the original text, reconciliation of terminology, control of resources

3.Technical preparation of documents

4.Elaboration of the original text with the TM system

5.Translation of the original text by professional translators


7.Pre-DTP and final DTP

8.Proofreading of the translated documentation

9.Delivery to the customer

The responsibility for defining and maintaining procedures for document control is assigned to management.

The release and modification of the documents are the sole responsibility of the management.

In relation to the implementation of this procedure and with reference to operating procedures and instructions, the company manager is responsible for the following:

✓maintain and update the complete list of document class codes ✓maintain and update a complete list of sequential numbers for each class of documents

✓create and update the document summary distribute documents based on the distribution list delete copies replaced by new revisions

✓The documents generated internally include the following identification elements: subject or title, responsible person for the issue and approval signature, and date page number and total page number.

For the urgent request, a special procedure has been developed to obtain the best results in terms of delivery to the ground. This procedure allows us to better monitor the performance of our translators and / or publishers.

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